The Good Fight

With relationships, there’s bound to be disagreement. But, there’s a right way to disagree…

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Closing out 2016…

It’s amazing how quickly things change. Last year around this time, Dan was entering his final year of business school, and I continued to work hard at my job wondering where the year would take us. A lot of 2016 was plagued by stress and strained hope (strung throughout a lot of my posts). I needed… Continue reading Closing out 2016…

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Jumping Off a Bridge With a Parachute Made of Faith

I love weekend mornings. Especially weekend mornings with the sweet anticipation of my husband coming home from California after being away for 3 months! The time flew by relatively quickly, but this last month proved to be rough. The bed always felt bigger, the nights quieter, and the days always felt like they were missing… Continue reading Jumping Off a Bridge With a Parachute Made of Faith