Blood is thicker than water

There’s something so wonderful about spending time with family. That is, if you like your family. Me? I like my family a whole lot. I felt the urge to get away for awhile. Visiting Iowa was just what I needed.

My parents have recently stepped down from full-time RVing. They’ve been all over the United States, while their winter home was Tucson, Arizona. I experienced a part of their RV lifestyle a couple Christmases ago, and let me tell you, close quarters tests nerves. By the end of our week there, I could tell Dan had just about enough of the tiny living situation, but we had a great time. The mountains are so beautiful there.

I know my mom is happy to be in a bigger living space, my grandparents’ old home actually, and to have some room to breathe. Mostly though, it’s important for her to be there for my grandma. That’s my mom – always caring and willing to go entirely out of her way for people she loves. My grandpa died nearly a year ago from a short but painful fight with stomach cancer. I rest assured knowing that he is with God. There is no finality of death to those who believe in God. I have great peace in his death knowing that. After my grandpa died, my grandma chose a specific assisted living facility to live at. My mom is only about a 5-minute drive away.

During my time in Iowa, I realized that I come from a long line of extremely strong, incredible women. I got to talk more to grandma then I have my entire life. It breaks my heart to see such a smart, beautiful woman trapped in a crippled body,  but God is doing such amazing things through her. In her younger years, she rode motorcycles to Chicago, played musical instruments, and sang. Flipping through her pictures while she spoke to me about my lineage was pretty incredible. For one, I learned that she rode a pony to school, and that my great, great grandfather was an orphan and had an ulcer (likely due to worry, as he pointed out in a autobiography he wrote). I guess worry runs in the family. My grandma has wit too. My favorite was when she talked about the other residents in her facility. She’d explain whether they had all their marbles or just a few. It brought my aunt and I to tears in laughter, especially when we recounted later. 

And my aunt. I so wished we lived closer to her growing up. I have such fond memories of my uncle being a huge part of our lives when we were younger. I can only imagine how awesome it would have been to grow up near her. Our personalities and sense of humor are so similar that it doesn’t take much for us to understand where the other is coming from. She was a single mom at a few different points in her life working hard and raising three kids.   She’s in a good place now. She was the brains behind helping my grandma through estate paperwork and trust accounts and investment portfolios. I know my mom was so grateful to her for taking the reigns on that.

The women in my family are tough as nails.  I needed that reminder.

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day and get to spend it with family.

Until Next Time,



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