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Time to Recharge

Have you ever just needed a break from life? Time to step back from work, from family and friends, from demands? Just a little me-time to refresh, recharge, and renew?

Me too.

Life has been quite the rollercoaster this past year. Since Dan graduated from graduate school almost a year ago, things have gone the complete opposite of what we planned. But there have been some really awesome and unexpected events that have happened that we didn’t plan either. Work has become much more challenging, which has been fantastic for growth. But, it’s all been emotionally and physically exhausting. Better put, I’ve felt overwhelmed. I stay busy and generally like to be busy but lately, it’s been too much. Too many things vying for my attention. Too many demands on my time. 

It’s impossible to completely remove stress from life but forgetting things for awhile is actually a good thing to do according to a study by Psychology Today (article written in 2011). Just like muscles need time to mend after a workout, so do our minds. More specifically, our neurons become more resilient if we give ourselves breaks. Adequate rest from life’s stressors help us manage stress better over time, too. Burn out is an ugly thing. It’s important to recognize it and adjust or step back before falling into that deep, dark pit. Vacations are great, but they are few and far between. 

With that in mind, I decided to take a few days off of work next week to recharge. It’s been 4 months since I’ve taken any time off of work or spent time just on me. No email checking or worrying about my work to-do list. No plans. Just rest. I’m going to walk away for a bit, spend time with God and pamper myself. That way I can come back stronger and ready to keep fighting. I don’t give up. Instead, I’ve learned how to identify my limits and what I need to recharge for the next round. 

Until Next Time,



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