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iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Technology has made our lives so much easier. Maybe a little bit crazy too depending on how you view things. So much is at our fingertips nowadays that there’s hardly an excuse for forgetting to do things or not doing things because they’re too inconvenient. The smartphone is that awesome little gadget that links us to all sorts of time-saving devices and applications, and there’s a few I would rather not live without:

1. Stylebook 

Have you ever bought an article of clothing only to wear it once and then forget it exists after your closet seemingly swallows it up alive? Or how about feeling like you never have anything to wear? Or what about just wanting to be more organized and save time in the mornings? Stylebook is your answer. Last Spring I did an enormous purge of my closet. I must have donated 5 bags full of clothing-some items I had held onto since high school!! My closet was so full, but I could never find anything to wear. Stylebook let’s you plan your outfits ahead of time so there’s less scrambling in the morning. It tells you which items of clothing you wear the most and least, and it allows you to play around with items to piece together outfits you never would have thought of before. It’s genius. At the end of the year, I’ll know exactly what items need to be donated and which I should hang onto.

2. Down Dog

Down dog is a yoga app. I wanted to add a 10-15 minute yoga session to my morning routines because I always feel amazing afterward and believe it’s a great way to jumpstart the day. After lots of research, I settled on Down Dog. The app is different in that it utilizes pictures instead of video, which I actually really like because it lets you focus on the positions. Down Dog fits all different levels and includes restorative, on your feet and full practice sessions ranging anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour. The best part? The sessions are different each time, and the background music is tasteful and super soothing.

3. Kindle 

Who needs a Kindle when you have the free Kindle app? I read so much more with this app on my phone. It syncs across devices and saves bookmarks. It also works seamlessly with my library’s access to thousand of free online book rentals! 

4. Allrecipes

Last year, my husband and I decided to cook more fun meals. We’ve always eaten at home a lot, but we were getting so bored with the same meals over and over again. A lot of it had to do with a lack of preparation that we’ve since fixed with weekly meal planning. Allrecipes fixed the other part by giving us hundreds of meals to choose from. My favorite part? Their “dinner spinner” – you can choose the meal type, main ingredient and prep time to suit your desires. 

5. TickTick

I’ve saved the best for last. TickTick is by far my most favorite to-do list app ever. I’ve used it for a couple of years now and have never experienced any crashes or bugs. I can put everything I need to remember to do here and comfortably forget about it until it’s designated due date. No more paper to-do lists and no more forgetting things. TickTick has endless customizability. You can create lists and color-code them. You share your lists with others so they can complete tasks. You can set items to repeat by due date or completion date. You can also input an unlimited number of tasks without having to go “pro.” TickTick keeps me on top of everything!

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