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Bye, Bye 20s!

Today, I’ve officially left my 20s behind. At first, I was kind of bummed. I’m getting older, and I’ll probably start seeing fine lines soon. But, when the momentary panic passed, that feeling of dread turned into excitement. I think 30 is going to be a big year.

When I think back on the last three decades of my life, I can’t believe all the twists and turns brought me here. Just 10 years ago, I was entering my junior year of college with huge dreams of being a journalist for a beauty or fashion magazine. God had a different plan. Instead, I became a lawyer and have found my place in the public sector serving kids through labor relations. Granted, I get to write a lot every day, so I suppose my dream 10 years ago of writing for a living stayed intact somewhat.

If I could write a letter to my self that I’d find just before entering high school and be able to forecast the future, I’d say something like this:

Dearest Jen,

You’ve got a whole lot of fire and ambition. Don’t ever let that light go out. When you turn 15, you’re going to go through a crazy, unexplainable hormonal stage where you shut everyone out and turn inside. Don’t be stupid, don’t shut mom out. She’s not going to let you anyway, and she loves you so much. Go to her and keep the communication lines open. As you get older, you’ll realize that she’s the only one who will be there for you without fail.

Oh, and the crazy things you’ll want to do to please high school boys. Don’t do them. You’re strong and will stand up for your beliefs at points but don’t falter the other times. You’ll know what I’m talking about soon. During your sophomore year of high school, the bass player of a band will want to date you, which you’ll later discover was for one thing. Just don’t do it. Mom will be horrified. And there’s another guy. He’ll break your heart more than once, but he will lead you to the love of your life. That’s right. You’re going to meet the love of your life in high school! Sparks will fly and you’ll know immediately.

I could cover so much more, but life is exciting (and a little bit scary) because it’s all unknown. I don’t want to spoil all of it. I’m going to leave you with this: turn to God. Trust in Him and listen for his direction. Pray fervently. He’s the reason you have life, and He loves you so much. Your trials and tribulations will refine your spirituality, and you’ll be stronger for them.

Love, Your Future Self.

Hello, 30! I can’t wait to see what this new decade brings.

Until next time, Jen

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