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Closing out 2016…


It’s amazing how quickly things change. Last year around this time, Dan was entering his final year of business school, and I continued to work hard at my job wondering where the year would take us. A lot of 2016 was plagued by stress and strained hope (strung throughout a lot of my posts). I needed to lean on God, but I struggled with that. My faith was challenged in such a profound way for me this year. All of my weaknesses were drawn out at the same time, and I got the opportunity to really work on them – lack of patience, unnecessary worry over finances, the need to feel like I’m in control. I had no idea what 2016 would bring, but I was hopeful. And despite feeling like I would fall at any moment, God came through. It has taken so much time, but I’m learning to rest in God’s strength and sovereignty completely. 2016 turned into such a huge and memorable year. From passing another certification exam, to being promoted at work, to watching Dan graduate with his MBA. We are blessed. I’m ending the year thankful for everything that I have, and I’m even more hopeful for 2017.

My hope for 2017 is that Dan is able to find a job that he enjoys. He watched me nab a few huge achievements this year, and I  so desperately wanted to celebrate a new job for him. He is so sweet in the gentle way he lifts me up, supports me and encourages me. His moment is coming though. If there’s anything I’ve had a ton of time to learn this year, it’s been how to be more patient.  Just this month, after months of toiling, Dan nabbed an internship at a small investment banking firm. It’s requiring more sacrifice, but I think it’ll be great for his resume and will hopefully lead to his next gig. I’m finally starting to see some light down a this long, dark tunnel we’ve been walking through together, hand-in-hand. I’m excited to see what 2017 brings. My one goal in the new year is to learn to let go a little bit m0re. To accept my imperfections. I am such a perfectionist. It’s ridiculous, really. It holds me captive, and it even sometimes keeps me up at night. It’s about time that I let go of this absurd bar that is impossible for any human being to reach.

And with that, I’m off to spend Christmas Eve with sweet friends. I hope your Christmas is merry and your New Year bright…

Until Next Time, Jen

One thought on “Closing out 2016…

  1. You have grown so much this year Jen – mentally, spiritually – you have grown in your marriage and in your profession. God has placed things in your path to strengthen you in a way you can’t even understand. Congratulations on a job well done, you hang in there, good things are right around the corner. I love you to the moon and back!

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