To-Do or Not To-Do, That is the Question


I like to plan. I find comfort in routine, and I find solace in marking things down on my calendar. Like many people, I also love to-do lists because they remind me of tasks that need to be done, and thanks to our digital age I quickly fell in love with digital to-do lists where I could schedule recurring tasks and reminders without ever worrying whether I had forgotten something. For the last year I used a wonderful app called TickTick, which is by far the best to-do list app I’ve used to date.  I never experienced any glitches, and I could make separate lists to keep work or personal errand related tasks separate. I could also color code and make sub-tasks. The app is a Type-A person’s DREAM. However, I quickly discovered that I would put way too many to-dos on my list then there were hours in the day. I became overwhelmed with tasks that were left un-done at the end of the day with that awful red number glaring at me from my phone. Exhausted and defeated, I decided something had  to be done.

So, I started researching a better way to handle my to-do list. The answer? Putting them on my calendar! Of course! By placing to-dos right on my calendar as I would any event I would have to schedule a block of time that I thought it would take me to finish a certain task. I have lots of recurring tasks because I use to-do lists to clean my home, pay bills and manage tasks related to my volunteer gigs. I took a day to go through my entire list of upcoming and recurring to-do’s on TickTick and put them on my calendar one-by-one. I quickly saw that I just had way too much to do each day, so I eliminated tasks I could do without and moved things around to account for my precious time. So far, it’s working pretty well. I’ll admit, some days I just don’t feel like it, so I’ll quickly move things around and postpone a task for another day. But for the most part, blocking off time to complete tasks makes the most sense and it allows me to make the most of my day.


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