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What does everyone think of the new blog layout? It really needed a fresh look, and what a perfect way to say hello to the last year of my twenties!

A couple weeks ago I turned 29. I’ve officially entered the last year I can say I’m a twenty-something. My birthday landed on a rough day at work, but my co-workers surprised me with office decorations, Black Matter coffee, a Do-Rite donut (you can never go wrong with Do-Rite’s) and lots of love. That evening my husband met up with me at work, we went out and celebrated by stopping at our go-to happy hour spot, hopping to a pizza joint and ending at another bar to top off the night with a fancy cocktail (and another beer). I feel so blessed that my co-workers are more than just co-workers – they’ve become such great friends.

I don’t really feel any older, but whenever I’m surrounded by high school kids, or even college kids for that matter, I suddenly feel 29 in a big way. But that’s related to maturity-level. Thankfully, I don’t see any premature wrinkles or gray hair….yet. I also don’t feel the need to cut my hair short yet. There’s that’s old adage that once you get older long hair can drag a woman’s face down and make her look older then she is. Instead, I grew out my hair to the longest length its been in years, then grew tired of the blow-drying and round-brushing, so I chopped off around 3-4 inches just recently. I went to an eye appointment this past summer and happily learned that my eyesight has remained the same since last year, but I’ve embraced wearing my glasses more because contacts drive me INSANE if they’re in my eyes for more than 5 hours. I also feel like my wardrobe has really grown up. Finally. A few months ago, I did a huge purge and finally donated or threw away clothes that I have had since high school – weird prints and spaghetti strap tops that I’ve never worn mostly. I pared down to classic pieces that I can layer and wear to work AND to weekend gatherings. I’m also the healthiest that I have ever been. I went to see my primary care physician this past week to get some blood work done, and my results were impeccable. My  family is generally pretty healthy physically, but there is some high blood pressure and high cholesterol in my immediate family. When I discovered that exercise obliterated any stress I felt, I committed to my health and never looked back. I can finally see the results of that commitment, and it feels awesome.

I’m really excited to see what happens this year as I close out my 20s. My husband is graduating from business school in June (hopefully he’ll land a job before graduation or very soon thereafter….), and I’ll be overjoyed to have school completely behind us. However, good ol’ school loans will stick around for a while longer. I loved school and fleetingly thought of going for another degree, but then I thought about the outrageous tuition prices and the time commitment. I’m ready to concentrate on my career by building work experience and seeing where I can go from here with what I have.

This has been the year of thankfulness. Life has been pretty crazy this past year, what with lots of changes at work and Dan still looking for a job after on-campus recruiting fell through for him, but I feel secure in faith, and it has helped me through so many stressful moments this past year. Twenty-nine, I welcome you with open arms. Be good to me.



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