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Holiday Bliss

For the first time in around three or four years, Christmas 2015 brought my family together in one place.  There is no amount of money or presents that could replace the simple pleasure of spending time with my family for the holidays.


Dan I  traveled to Arizona to experience the RV life my parents have lived for almost two years now. Their RV is no small, timid thing – in fact, it’s approximately 400 square feet of comfort. I was surprised. I expected something with limited walking space. We slept on a pull-out from the couch that did not give us the best sleep of our lives, but totally beat sleeping on the ice cold floor. During our trip, we saw some gorgeous mountains, basked in sunshine, played cards on a picnic table on an Indian reservation, drank wine, ate at In ‘n’ Out Burger a couple of times (thanks for expanding your goodness), slept deeply and cared little about checking in on my life back home. It felt so good to just get away. I had hit a little bit of a wall just a few weeks before our vacation. I felt the tinges of exhaustion and burn out. I desperately needed to breathe for just a little while. And breathe I did. I mean, check out this breath-taking view:


The highlight of my vacation, though, was a surprise visit from my baby brother. All the way from the Bahamas. It saddens me to say that the last time we really saw each other was probably two or three years ago. I wish I had a camera to capture the sweet moment when my mom saw my brother for the first time in two years, too. Sheer joy. There were tears, of course, and lots of hugging. My brother looks good. It’s crazy how alike we look now, though. If you saw a picture of us when we were younger there were enough differences to be able to say, “yeah, they’re related,” but now its, “holy cow! are you guys twins!?” Nope, friends, we’re not twins in any shape or form. We just look a lot alike. Our personalities are similar – we’re both sensitive, emotionally-driven people, but we chose totally different paths in life. I love when our paths connect. I love my brother immensely, and it means so much to me to see him genuinely happy. God worked absolute magic in his life. I pray for him often. Yikes, I need to fight back tears while writing this.

photo 2 (1).JPG

Our visit ended with my sweet step-dad choking back tears as he thanked us for visiting. We really need to do this more. I forgot how awesome it was just to be with my family. I’m blessed that they’re super cool :)



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