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Jumping Off a Bridge With a Parachute Made of Faith

I love weekend mornings. Especially weekend mornings with the sweet anticipation of my husband coming home from California after being away for 3 months! The time flew by relatively quickly, but this last month proved to be rough. The bed always felt bigger, the nights quieter, and the days always felt like they were missing something. I’ll be so happy to wrap my arms around him and breathe him in.

Dan’s internship in California reminds me of the biggest chance I ever took, all the other chances we’ve been talking about, and why I want to take more chances and push myself outside of my comfort zone. If you’ve been a loyal reader for years you may have already guessed it: the biggest chance I ever took was quitting my two jobs 5 years ago, signing away my life to law school, driving over 1,800 miles to a huge city where I knew no one with zero family, and started anew. Life very rarely goes as planned, but my huge move proved to be so much more than trying to better my life. I learned, all over again, how to take care of myself. God did not have a place in my life when I first moved here, but I can acknowledge now that He never left my side. I quickly learned that I could accomplish awesome things through sheer determination and extremely hard work. Law school could not have been further from a walk in the park on a summer day, but it thickened my skin and sharpened my critical thinking skills. For that, I’ll be forever thankful.

I also never expected to meet the most amazing friends or grow even closer to my husband. For the first 8 months of my time in law school, my husband and I were apart and we were in flux. I struggled internally with feelings of uncertainty, but we survived. The time Dan and I spent apart then and now were two completely different feelings. There’s no more passionate, honeymoon-like love, but after the top layer fizzled out, we were left with deep attachment and love for one another. Dan always says, “we’ll find a way to make it work.” I love his optimism, and his ability to see through any hardship. God speaks right through him when I am completely overwhelmed. I love him and am so thankful God placed him in my life. We almost missed out on each other – our chance meeting changed my life completely.

In law school, I learned quickly that I would never like being a traditional lawyer. Any courtroom experience I tackled screamed awfulness. The small stint I had as a workers compensation defense attorney solidified my feelings in law school. This revelation is not something I thought would happen going into law school, even after all the research and contemplation I had given my decision. I am a million times happier on the non-traditional career path I’m on now, and I’ve opened up so many doors with my law degree that I never thought about before I took the plunge. I have a pretty clear idea of where I want to go from here, and that, my friends, is pretty refreshing.

All in all, my huge move worked out in so many more ways than I planned. Most of all though, I fell in love with this city. I grew up in a small town in Florida and never experienced living in a big city. Now I can’t picture myself living outside of a city. There is so much culture, diversity and history. I went from weekends spent at Chili’s and shopping malls to street farmers markets, authentic restaurants, trains and festivals within walking distance. It’s amazing. This way of life is home to me. I also don’t want to leave out the fact that my move reignited my childhood love for God. I finally answered his call, and I found a church that is my second family. This event in my life is so far from anything I planned that I know God really moved in my life. Pretty amazing.

I want to take more chances and more leaps of faith. My husband’s decision to quit working and go to school full-time is definitely our most recent leap of faith. I learn so much more about myself when I put myself outside of my comfort zone. It forces me to rely on God more, and it changes my perspective. Mainly, I want to put myself out there more in giving back my time and helping others.  I want more moments of uninhibited giving. I’ll talk more about my volunteering experiences and my future plans in giving back my time in a future post.

Have you taken any leaps of faith lately?



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