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A Summer Without

Dan and I

My husband left for California today. I was pretty much a nervous wreck the entire day today because several things went wrong right off the bat – first, Dan missed his flight out because American Airlines closed the gate 10 minutes before the departure time. Apparently this early closure is the airline’s policy, but I have never in my life watched an airline close their gate 10 minutes prior to departure, or maybe I’ve completely missed this? In fact, on multiple occasions I have boarded flights with 5 minutes to spare because I like living on the edge. Not really. Security just really sucks sometimes. The flight not only left behind Dan, but it left behind three other passengers who were just as dumb-founded as we were! Luckily, the airline placed Dan on the next flight out as a standby passenger, and he was able to board with no problem thanks to a few empty seats. He landed 2 hours behind schedule, but California is 2 hours behind our home time so that helped. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath, but I exhaled for the first time in hours when he let me know that he landed safely. I was also a great big ball of stress when I realized his luggage would be landing 2 hours before Dan’s arrival because his luggage made the flight he was supposed to be on the first time. No problems there, though, thankfully. His luggage with striped blue and green tags were joyfully waiting for him when he arrived. His entire life is in those bags – nearly all of his wardrobe. I can’t even imagine what I’d do if the luggage ever got lost. I’d probably lose my mind in anger.

We’re not out of the water yet. The next wrong thing happened shortly after arrival – he took the wrong bus and ended up traveling several miles out of the way. At this point, Dan is lugging around a back pack and 45lbs of luggage. Poor thing. But, by the grace of God, Dan only had to cross the street to get on the right bus, and he was finally on the right path. He has finally made it to his final destination, and so far, Airbnb has worked out to a tee. I am so thrilled that he is there safe that I could dance! Dan won’t have a car out in Cali for the whole summer, but I’m hoping that he’ll get around fine via walking, public transportation and bumming rides. He’s been talking about buying a bike but then he’d have to go through the hassle of trying to sell it with no guarantee that he could, and decent bikes are far from cheap – not really an extra expense I wanted to deal with. We’ll see. Save. Money.

The apartment feels eerily empty, and there is a massive void where my husband used to be. I am totally out of practice with the long distance relationship, and it feels so strange to be alone in our apartment. When I started law school 5 years ago, Dan drove with me from Florida to move me in into my own little studio, and then he flew back to Florida to work and support me from afar the following day by himself. I was entirely alone – no friends and no family in the biggest city I have ever been in. I lived alone for 8 months before Dan finally moved out here. This was also after we were married. I did just fine. I made friends, I stretched my wings, and I was not afraid. Moving to a big city by myself was quite liberating actually, and I proved to myself that I could do it. Not only has our relationship withstood the test of time, but it has also withstood thousands of miles. Long distance relationships take an immense amount of independence and trust. There’s a certain amount of strength that is required, too, and it is certainly not for the frail of heart. Dan and I have always been very career-driven, which has pushed kids to the back seat. With simultaneous career-driven personalities comes a lot of mandatory support for the other. We have always been supportive of each other and our dreams. In the end, we felt this California internship would be a decent addition to Dan’s resume and hopefully complement his current skills but open doors to some other opportunities. I can only hope that he learns something new and can draw a lot out of this experience. The cons far outweighed the pros of him turning the internship down – the biggest pro of course is the fact that Dan will actually be earning money this summer! I bet it will be so strange for him to start working when he’s been a full-time student for almost a year already. Granted, California is expensive as anything I’ve ever seen, but we should still be able to save a nice chunk of Dan’s earnings. In a lot of ways, this internship is a risk – we’re putting all our money on the experience that he’ll get from this and hopefully it’ll help Dan get on the right path to where he wants to ultimately end up. I trust God. He’s got everything under control so I’ll just rest on that knowledge. What a crazy adventure this’ll be!

Three months will go by fast, right? I intend to do lots of reading, spend lots of quality time with my friends, work on my tan, and re-discover myself as the independent woman I’ve always been.



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