Life Lately

It’s been awhile. I’m always so shocked when I let some time go by without posting and realize that a few months have gone by, if not more. Life just keeps on keepin’ on.

While life hasn’t changed too drastically, I do have some big news to share that will make life interesting here in the next three weeks: my husband accepted an internship in the Silicon Valley area of California! The opportunity fell right into his lap – literately. Good ol’ LinkedIn came through via a recruiter who liked what he saw on Dan’s profile page so several interviews were set up, and before we knew it, a large tech firm had extended a nice offer to Dan the following week. Prior to being recruited, Dan was not even considering internships out of the state for the sole reason that we wanted to stay in our wonderful city for at least the foreseeable future. Although, I am familiar with moving around a little bit. My parents were in the military and with that commitment came periodic moves. We were blessed in that we only moved around about three times, but I moved around quite a bit in my early 20s. Each time uprooting my life and leaving my friends for something new. Change is  good, but big city life suites me well, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Any time I take a trip to suburban areas or even back home I immediately miss my life in the big city.


Dan and I spoke about the California opportunity for several weeks, trying to figure out how we would make it work, and we soon settled on Dan accepting the offer. The company is giving Dan a small housing stipend, but it was our job to find him temporary housing. This part was immensely stressful, but we eventually found a room for him via Airbnb. I did some background research on the host, reviewed reviewers comments, and Skyped with him later. I feel comfortable with the decision, and I pray that everything runs smoothly. Holy cow though, California is EXPENSIVE! I could not believe the rental prices leasing reps were quoting me. I started looking at corporate housing and extended stay hotels, but I just could not justify the cost – the idea is save a large chunk of the money Dan will be earning while he’s out there.

The funny thing about Dan’s internship is that we have been talking about taking a vacation in California for years! I have never been so I am so excited to get to see the West coast. One of my most favorite movies is Sideways, and I would give anything to see the Hitching Post and Napa Valley. I’ve already booked time off from work to visit Dan in the beginning of July for around 9 days, but that will probably be the only time I get to see him until his internship ends. My heart grows heavy when I think about him not being here with me for the whole summer, but I’m leaning on God to get me through the nights when I miss him more than I can bear. I’m thankful for my friends, and all the summer festivities we’ve got planned already. I intend to use a busy schedule and lots of prayer to divert my attention from missing my husband.

I’m also coming up on my one year anniversary at work. I can’t believe it! I still remember the sheer elation I felt when this offer came through, and I’m still very content with my decision to accept the offer. I still like the non-traditional approach I’ve taken to working in law, and I’ve enjoyed working with my sweet co-workers. I’ve always been flexible in my approach on life. I would like to stay where we are for at least the foreseeable future, but I can’t be certain of that until Dan is finished with school. There’s always the possibility that he’ll snag an offer that he’s incredibly excited about after he graduates in a year outside of the state. I want to support Dan just as he’s supported me so we’ll see where life takes us if that decision comes up in the future. The idea of sitting for another bar exam is nauseating, but we’ll cross that bridge if it comes upon us.

In other news, my cool, RV-traveling parents are in Iowa as I write this, and I think I’m finally going to get to see them this summer! I’m ashamed to say that I have not seen my parents in at least two years. I miss my mom deeply so I’m excited that they’re at least within driving distance.

I also went on my first extended stay camping trip in Michigan! It was so wonderful. There are no words to explain what an amazing time I had just chilling with some truly amazing friends, cooking dinner over the fire, singing worship songs over the gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar and laughing until tears ran down my face. More than anything, it was nice to escape for a weekend and to recharge. I think everyone needs to get away every once in awhile. It was just what I needed!


IMG_2757 IMG_2758

I hope life is treating you well, readers!



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