A Year in Review

2015 Goals

I’m just going to say it: I did a terrible job of keeping up with my goal list last year. I can’t cross off much but a lot of the reason is because life changed just enough to keep some of these on the tip of my fingertips.

So, without further adieu, here’s what I accomplished from 2013 Goal List:

1. Go to a sleepover or host a sleepover at my place. – I think Las Vegas in May 2013 can allow me to cross this off my list as there were about 4 girls to a hotel room :) It was one gigantic sleepover! A fun one at that!

2. Read 20 books. I was so stinking close. I read 14 books, and I can blame this on the fact that I had a slow start to the new year on this one last year. So, while I’m not saying I accomplished my goal I’m pretty stoked I got this close.

See? I told you my accomplishments last year from my goal list were terrible, but I accomplished a lot more that I didn’t specifically write down. You can read all about that here in my post a few weeks ago. Life can’t be planned entirely. Ever. I’m thankful for the changes, for the lessons I’ve learned, for how I’ve grown in my faith over the last year.

New Year Wallpaper.

Now, here are my goals for 2015:

1. Read 30 books.

2. Gain 5 lbs. of muscle

3. Spend time with God (the Bible) every morning.

4. Go on a romantic picnic with Dan this spring or summer

5. Refresh our home – buy new living room rug, buy an accent chair for bedroom and re-work our wall art

6. Let my hair grow to the middle of my back (approximately 10ish more inches!)

7. Road trip to Iowa to visit my parents this summer

8. Reunite with a very dear friend who currently resides in Canada

9. Reunite with my old roommate and sweet college friends in Florida at a UCF football game this Fall

10. Go to Octoberfest

11. Graduate to 10lb heavy weights at the gym (I’m consistently using 7.5lbs).

12. Send a secret to Postsecret (www.postsecret.com)

You’ll notice some of these I carried over from last year, which means I really do want to accomplish them. Fingers crossed this year!

Cheers to a new year, new possibilities and new opportunities.



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