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Refresh. Recharge. Move Forward.


Another year. Can you believe it? It feels just like yesterday that I was ringing in 2014, and now, as I quickly approach my 28th birthday, I’m in awe at how fast 2014 flew by. This year saw many wonderful events – some events I did not anticipate (as you’ll see when I post the results of my 2014 bucket list – these results were abysmal by the way so don’t get too excited).

For starters, our life changed subtly on the outside, but pretty drastically on the inside when Dan embarked on the full-time journey to obtain his MBA at the University of Chicago. The decision put some pressure on me that I’m still learning to handle in terms of supporting the family for a year and a half (and controlling my worry), but I am so excited to see what happens after this chapter in Dan’s life, what career path he’ll choose, and how he’ll grow as he learns more.

I started a new job in May that is the perfect fit for me. My coworkers are the best part, and I can honestly say that I am happy where I am. There were a few trips intermixed in our year like a bachelorette in Las Vegas and a mini-vacay in Wisconsin with Dan. My parents finally sold my childhood home in Florida and made their dreams come true with the purchase of a beautiful RV. I initially worried about my mom because I knew the adjustment to retirement life would not be as easy as it seemed at first. She’s picked up a part-time job now because the adjustment was too difficult, and she has excitedly spoken about volunteer opportunities. The banter of volunteering makes my heart happy – there’s something so special about giving up sacred portions of time to devote to others. I love volunteering in the children’s ministry at my church, and I so desperately want to give back more. Maybe 2015 will see that happen.

For the  first time in as far back as I can remember, my little brother is in a good place – emotionally and physically. I haven’t been able to speak with him much, but I know that he is doing well, and I can only continue to pray that he’ll always be well like this. I think of him often.

I’ve had many glorious memories with my sweet friends. I’ve already mentioned my trip to Las Vegas in May for a bachelorette, but there have also been weddings in Chicago and Michigan. There have been afternoons of laughing and cookie decorating; evenings of movie marathons and board games; and one epic summer spent with one of my best friends from Florida.

I definitely feel older this year. I remember when Dan and I went to Lollapalooza in May after I graduated from law school a year and a half ago, and I felt like a 60 year-old surrounded by highly immature and ridiculous high schoolers. Did I really act like that? Make those stupid decisions? Haha. My tastes have changed and matured. I enjoy quiet evenings with my husband as opposed to wild and crazy nights of bar hopping. A lot of the changes in my life can be attributed to my re-built foundation of faith in Christ. I felt like the path I was headed down a few years ago was self-destructive, unhealthy, and certainly not the way for a child of God. There are many things I still want to change and work on emotionally. I hope 2015 will see more positive change.

This holiday season has been a welcome few months of relaxation. I’ve been able to re-charge from a crazy last few months at work, deep clean the apartment, catch up reading several wonderful books, and snuggle with my husband. It was also an odd season because I wasn’t able to see my parents like I have every single year past, but I did get to hear their voices over the phone. Just knowing that they are well and getting to speak with them is all I needed. I did, however, get to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of my inlaws, which was lovely! They made the trekk to cold Chicago, and it was so nice to catch up with them and see that they were all doing well, too.

2016 is probably going to be the year of epic proportions but 2015 will see a trip to Texas to help one of my best friends ring in her 30th birthday, and it will hopefully see a road trip to Iowa to visit with my parents, lots of growth, opportunity and more precious time spent with the love of my life.

I hope your holiday season has been everything you wanted it to be, and I hope 2015 brings in sweet memories and lots of love.



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