Life Lately

I hate when I neglect my blog. That seems to happen every now and then though. Life just tends to get in the way where I can’t seem to find an hour to share all of my experiences with you. But other times I find myself neglecting my blog simply out of the sheer fact that I get lazy or rather spend my weekends napping on the couch or enjoying the warm weather.

Speaking of which, I am so thrilled that it is FINALLY summer in my beautiful city. This past winter was unbelievably brutal, and it lasted so long that I was starting to think I’d never see another blooming flower. I know I’m going to appreciate this summer so much more than any other summer I’ve experienced while living here. I was born and raised in a state that experienced only two seasons: hot, humid, sticky summer and slightly cool summer. Needless to say, I enjoy the change of the seasons. I enjoy the freshness that comes with each season, and I definitely enjoy switching my wardrobe around a bit. Summers in my city mean lots of outside festivals, hanging by the lake, long walks lake-side, moves in the park, BBQs, and lots of laughing. I can’t wait!

In any event, life has been nice. I started my new job about a month ago, and I am so enjoying it. The work is interesting, and I’m dabbling in contract law, employment/labor law, education issues and even criminal law. It’s more of a quasi-legal position because I’m not practicing law hardcore (ie., writing pleadings or arguing in court) and evidentiary issues don’t play a large part in the hearings I conduct, but I’ve discovered that this is a much better fit for me. For one, I’m writing so much more than I was at my other position, and I LOVE that part. I also love that I’m dabbling in criminal law, and of course, I sincerely enjoy the public interest aspect of the position, which was a major reasons why I accepted this offer. Although I interned here a few years ago while in law school, I still have a lot to learn in terms of foreign policies, but I’ll be just fine in time.

Life has also changed slightly in that Dan is now a student! He’s working part-time and attending classes part-time to obtain his MBA at a top business school. Yes, he’s going to be incredibly busy for a bit, but it’ll all be worth it. I’m so proud of him, but it’s weird having him go back to school. He hasn’t been a student in years while I feel like I’ve been in school constantly since we started dating 10 years ago! Business school is not going to be cheap, which is a bit stressful, but I know this is a great move for him, and the good news is that the program should only take him two years to complete versus the three years it took me to complete law school. A year makes a HUGE difference.

Other than that, there isn’t much other “new” news that I haven’t shared already. I’m hoping that Dan and I can plan some type of vacation somewhere at some point within the next year. Switzerland, Ireland and Thailand are on my list of places to see. Although our next vacation may be to California since I’ve never been. If anything, I’m hoping to visit my parents and their RV wherever they may be at the time, and of course, my baby brother in the Bahamas. I smile every time I see pictures of him on Facebook–he’s finally happy and that makes me happy.



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