Legal Career

Celebratory New Job Post!

While I was so grateful for my first job out of law school; it did not suit me at all. During the short time I spent at my old firm I learned a lot about what I wanted out of my career, and who I was professionally. As many of you know, the job market is still poor, and when you live in a very saturated market like I do the job search process can become infuriating quickly. I began looking for a new job with focused attack back in January after I realized that my current job really wasn’t for me. I left for a variety of reasons but mainly, I left because I  did not find the area of law interesting or stimulating, and a large chunk of my heart yearned to find a position where I could somehow give back to the people of my City. I knew way before I entered law school that if I didn’t find a job where I felt like I was contributing in some positive way to the lives of others I just would never be satisfied with my job. Money can never fill that void for me.

Over the course of the last few months at my last job I realized the extent of my unhappiness. I had to do something. I leaned on God a lot to get me through the uncertainty, the waiting, the scrutinizing of new jobs, and the countless rejections. God always filled me with hope, and I trusted that things would work out. I stumbled on the posting for my new job back in March. Luckily, I had previously interned in the location alongside someone who had the very position that was posted. Thus, I knew the position very well, and I really enjoyed the work. Plus, my co-workers as an intern were all really great. The position would also allow me to make some kind of positive impact on others. All in all, I knew the position would be such a better fit for me. This day in age, you have to utilize connections. I heard it over and over in law school, but I didn’t quite understand the importance of having a friend or acquaintance on the inside to help you. The sweet woman, and now friend of mine, that I worked alongside two years ago as an intern still worked at the same location and so I told her I would be applying and would love to have her support if she felt I was worthy. Without a moments hesitation, she offered to fight for me. I was so humbled that she thought so highly of the work product I produced there.

The process was long. Specifically, it was a month from my very first interview to the extension of an offer. I also had to go through a drug test, a TB skin test, a criminal background check and several other administrative tasks. I second guessed myself a lot even though I knew I had a really great chance beings that everyone I had worked with as an intern still worked there and thought highly of me and the work I produced. Finally, a week ago today, I got a call from the head of HR with an extension of an offer. Elation does not even adequately describe the sheer joy I felt when the call came through. I had had a month to think about the position, to talk to others, and to talk with my husband. This was it.

There’s something awesome about going back to an entity where you’ve worked as an intern. It means that I already know the people, and I already know what the work will be like. In other words, unlike a lot of people, I get to walk into my new job with eyes wide open and with a familiarity that not many get to have. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity, and I know for sure it is a much better fit for me.

In other news, I have a wonderful week between jobs, which will be spent spring cleaning our home and taking a mini-vacation this weekend. I know, I’m such a nerd on the spring cleaning thing, but I never have time to really deep clean. I’m excited about this prospect. There are other changes that are pending in our lives, which I will be announcing sometime soon! If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s adapting as gracefully as possible to change. I’m a serious planner at heart, but I can also embrace change with little difficulty. It’s what makes life so exciting! Stay tuned.



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