January 2014

I neglected to give an overview of my December 2013 because I neglected to take pictures! How could I? To (hopefully) make up for it, here are the highlights of the beginning of this new year.


The year started out with a bang! I spent New Years with my wonderful husband and good friend, Tara (pictured here), before we headed over to a house party hosted by more wonderful friends. We drank champagne, laughed, and I gave my husband our 9th New Years kiss.


This month was also the month of birthdays! We surprised one of my oldest law school friends, Laurence, with a small get together complete with wine and one of the best turkey burgers I’ve had in awhile. I’m pictured here with two other friends I met during my time in law school :)


It’s been awhile since I sang karaoke so I got together with some friends and enjoyed laughing and singing along to old songs all night. I didn’t sing this time around, but we went on another karaoke adventure just a couple weeks ago, and I sang not one but TWO songs. It was so much fun!



Speaking of birthdays, I turned the big 27 this year. My sweet friend Amanda spoiled me at the cutest little wine cellar in downtown Chicago. She made my day, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. <3


This month was also huge for my church. New Life Lincoln Park‘s Pastor Bobby was ordained, and the church was re-dedicated to helping others get to know and proclaim their life for Christ. This whole experience was nothing short of magical. It has been 15 years since I’ve called a church home. I’m so glad God brought me here.


How come it took me so long to purchase a curling wand? These things are amazing! My hair is pin straight, and I can very rarely get it to hold any kind of curl. I’m also terrible at maneuvering a regular curling iron, but when I got my hands on the wand it took me 20 minutes to curl my entire head. A girl’s dream!


I thought I’d end this post with my cute cupcake hat :) This winter has been absolutely brutal here in Chicago so I thought I’d bring some cheer to others’ lives with this one. In case you’re wondering, Neff makes these hats. They can be bought on their official website or on ModCloth. I’m a huge fan of ModCloth :)


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