October 2013

I thought it might be fun to share my month in pictures: of fun things I’ve done, of huge events, of moments that I want to remember. I hope to look back at these posts and smile.

First and foremost, I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween!! Whether you shared it with family or friends it’s always fun to dress in costume, watch scary movies or just eat a ton of candy with those you love.


October 2013 044

This was my costume. Can anyone guess who I was? Well, just in case, I was Poison Ivy from Batman! The Uma Thurman version of course. I bought the ivy and glitter leaf from Michael’s and used Spirit Gum to glue the leaves around my eye. Yes, it was incredibly painful when I had to pull them off at the end of the night, but they definitely made the costume! I bought the wig from Halloween Hallway, and I was so pleased with it! I was worried about how it would look, but it turned out awesome!


This is me and my better half. He was the Terminator for Halloween (pictured here without his sunglasses and gun). We were at my friend Amanda’s lovely home for a costume/birthday party, and it was so much fun catching up with her and another friend of mine from law school, meeting new people, and eating great food. Dan and I are so blessed  to have such incredible people in our lives. Thanks for having us over, Amanda! P.S. This was snapped by Amanda’s husband :)

October 2013 039

This is me and another friend of mine, Kirstie, posing at another Halloween Party I attended a week ago. This one involved scary story time, apple bobbing, and tons of great conversation and laughter. Kirstie sewed her costume in a day by the way–She was Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. Skills!

October 2013 042

Oh yeah, here’s an action shot of Dave apple bobbing a week ago. I’ll tell you, watching these guys apple bob was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen lately.

October 2013 035

I was on my way for volunteer orientation at a local shelter in Chicago when I saw this house all decked out in Halloween lights and decorations. This night was so serene, and I can’t wait to start volunteering again! More on this later :)

October 2013 051

On Halloween I was sworn in as an official member of the Illinois State Bar. My husband was with me, and it was such a surreal experience to finally be able to say that I’ve made it here, and I’m done. I’m officially an attorney, and I can’t wait to see where this crazy journey is going to take me. But, in whatever I do, I pray that I will always remember to glorify God and be a light wherever I am.

October 2013 058

For the first time in 3.5 years I get to attend Dan’s holiday party! I bought this dress specifically for the occasion. I’ll also probably wear it for our annual anniversary dinner. <3

October 2013 046

I was hired as an associate attorney for a small firm this past week, and here’s my very first office EVER! Excuse the smiley faces, but I didn’t want any important paperwork showing. I’ll be working predominately on workers comp defense with a smattering of labor and employment law. I’m so excited, but incredibly nervous because I have so much to learn and figure out. They say you learn best by just being thrown in though, so here we go! I do plan to decorate my office, but in the meantime it’ll be bare bones for a bit. More on landing my first job and about my first week coming soon!

I also took a trip to Wisconsin to visit my brother-in-law. It had been a year since we drove up there–I couldn’t believe it had been that long. It was a wonderful weekend, and the weather was perfect! The following three pictures are from this trip:

October 2013 017

October 2013 016

We played putt-putt golf on the Saturday that we were there, and this was my hole-in-one shot! The only one of the the entire 14+ holes that we played. I suck at golf, and I’m certainly no better at putt-putt, but it was so much fun.

October 2013 018

A little saying imprinted on the sidewalk: “I want love to be like a good pot of greens, pick the tenderest parts, separate from the hard storm, wash gently and thoroughly removing every bit of dirt and grime rinsing over and over and over with the clear, clean water of forgiveness, season with savory meat, herbs and spices, and then simmer, simmer, simmer.”



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