“The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” ― Edgar Allan Poe
It’s sad, really, how much we take for granted. The people that love us, the air we breathe, our beating hearts. We’re all guilty of it. Life could end at any moment for a multitude of reasons. We all read about such tragic stories or freak accidents that end in death. And yet, do we ever stop for a minute and just appreciate life? Do we forgive and forget like we should? Do we keep our eye on what is really important?
After 3 long months of just about losing my mind in law school, I finally had time to reflect and recharge for the last three weeks. And, sadly, I’m wrapping up the Florida version of my break tonight.  I spent much needed time with new friends and old friends who made middle school, high school and college memorable. I also spent hours talking with my mom, laughed with my dad, and drove under the sunset with my baby brother. I live for these moments because I don’t get to be “home” very often. I’m always so flabergasted with the constant love and support that surrounds me. This love always makes failures, life hiccups and twisted roads less confusing, sad or scary. My heart aches when I think about how any of these people could be taken too soon. That’s why it is important to stop every now and then to just appreciate life.
These past few weeks have really reminded me how beautiful my friendships and relationships are. Relationships, in general, take a lot of nurturing and understanding with plenty of room to breathe. The best relationships are those that are cherished and worked on. This goes for any relationship–friendships, marriage, etc. Don’t be so quick to walk away. Realize that humans are not infallible. Always be kind. But be strong enough to leave relationships that continuously tear you apart. It has taken me a long time, but I’ve learned to forgive those that have hurt me or treated me unfairly in the past–its refreshing to be the bigger person instead of harboring unhealthy hate. I’ve even managed to rekindle old relationships that at one point just sort of fell apart for reasons I can hardly even remember now.
And here I am, I’m a much better person for all of my experiences, trials, and errors. Life is too short.



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