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The Spill Canvas, “All Hail The Heartbreaker”

Unfortunately, “All Hail the Heartbreaker” does not have an official music video so I included a video from one of their newer songs, “Our Song.”

my roommate, Jamie, and I before The Spill Canvas show back in 2007. Image via my camera.

The Spill Canvas hails from South Dakota where the band started as a side project for lead singer, Nick Thomas, and slowly became a full-time gig for all of the members. The band hit the scene officially in 2004. I discovered The Spill Canvas toward the middle of high school, sometime in 2004, and I’ve continued to follow them even now. Their songs helped me cope with weird, growing up phases in my life. I can remember hitting rough patches with old boyfriends, and The Spill Canvas would be the very first band I’d turn to. In fact, one memory that is clear to this day is one from my very first roommate in college. Her boyfriend had broken up with her, and she would play one particular song by them over and over and over again. They also bring back a flood of other memories. For one, Melbourne, Florida had quite a large underground, punk, pop-punk scene that I slowly became very passionate about. I hung out with all kinds of interesting people and even very briefly dated the bass player for a band I supported. That didn’t really go anywhere, and lasted about a week. But that was the start of an unconditional love for music that I still hold onto today. I discovered a lot of really great music, and found my niche in the music world. I would attend these shows almost every weekend with a girl I considered my best friend at the time, and some other people I quickly got close to. These shows were the entire package: mosh pits, merch, and singing along. I always had such a great time going to these things even if I couldn’t participate in the mosh pits for fear of dying.

If you’ve ever been in Melbourne, Florida you’ll understand that there is not a lot of stuff to do so this was the perfect outlet. The only problem with these shows is that I was sometimes surrounded by a lot of drugs and alcohol. You’ll be happy to know that I never indulged in any of it, and I was lucky in that I was never really pressured to do any of it either. Later on, I would be pressured quite a bit to try alcohol or drugs, but it was always easy for me to simply say no. I think I might be rare in that respect–I figured, if “my friends” didn’t like me without drugs/alcohol then it wasn’t worth my time. I’m proud of myself for sticking to my guns.

In any event, The Spill Canvas remains a very special part of my life. I’ve seen them perform live twice. The last time being my junior

front row at a Spill Canvas show in 2007. Image via my camera.

year in college with my roommate at the time, Jamie. Both shows were amazing, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I think what I love most about The Spill Canvas is their lyrics–I hang on every word they sing, and the pictures they paint with their words are so vivid. They know exactly how to tug on heart strings and sing from their heart. I also remember thinking, as they performed lived, how they sounded almost exactly the same as they do on their album. That’s saying a lot and speaks volumes about their talent.

Everyone should know who The Spill Canvas is.


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