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Dancing Queen

Oh, how I miss dancing. Particularly, I miss ballet, tap and jazz. I miss the sparkly costumes, and I miss performing on stage. This picture was taken so long ago that I don’t remember any of my instructors’ names, and I never made it to point shoes, unfortunately. But, I do remember loving every minute of practice.

I think it’s important to have some type of outlet in life. Whether it be running, biking, knitting or just going to the gym. It’s easy to keep anger, and stress pent up inside. I think outlets are also important for children—they experience pressure and stress just like adults do even though they experience all of it in a different way.

I stopped dancing when my family and I moved back to Florida (from Pennsylvania) about 16 years ago. I’ve always meant to find another studio and get back into it. Then, life sort of took over, and it never happened. Whether or not I’m enrolled in a dance studio, though, I will always love to dance.


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