Law School

Finish line in sight

I can hardly believe that the last day of my second year is in three weeks. Actually, it’s a little bit scary because I’m more behind in my outlining than I wanted to be, but that’s what beautiful weekends are for, right!? Yeah, right. I plan to get entirely caught up on both of my outlines by next week; it’s not going to be fun, but they both really need to get up to date or I’ll start stressing out like usual.

I just found out last week that I’ll have a fabulous 3 weeks off without any school or work this summer. Granted, it’ll be broken up throughout the summer, but it is definitely welcome. I decided not to take any classes this summer in lieu of working 40 hours a week and relaxing. I really need a break from school for longer than 4 weeks. Three month break sounds MUCH better. The only down-side to this decision is that I will have to take 16 credits for each of my last two semesters. That means I’ll have to take 5 or 6 classes each semester. On the bright side, I might take on another internship for credits again in the Fall to try to stave off some of the classes I have to take. There’s also the idea of doing another week-long intersession class between fall and spring semester to cut down on classes my spring semester, and I have another pass/fail class that I  can designate, which will take off some of the stress. It’ll all work out. I’m not worried. In any event, no summer classes this summer. I have too many fun things planned, and I think I deserve this  time off.

In other news, I think the one thing I’m going to regret after I graduate is not taking advantage of Westlaw and LexisNexis reward points. How could I be so blind to all the fabulous prizes I could have won!? Westlaw and LexisNexis are the prime researching tools for lawyers nation-wide. They are also extremely expensive, but law students have unlimited access to them until they finish their law education. These reward points can be won by attending information sessions on campus, conducting research, or by doing other little tasks mentioned on the web site to earn points. I have a measly 1,690 points, and that sucks. I finally sat down the other day and scrolled through some of the prizes, which includes iPods, luggage, and other electronics. There’s still time, but I highly doubt I’ll reach the requisite number of reward points to get an iPod or something like that. How disappointing. To all you young law school students….take advantage of those reward points!


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