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I was going to make this post about our belated honeymoon to Europe, but then I decided to make this post about something else: friends. Europe doesn’t really need an explanation because only one word can sum up that experience: AWESOME. I’d love to live in London at some point in my life. I absolutely loved it there. I especially enjoyed the time I got to spend with my husband. I say it all the time, but he is truly one-of-a-kind. We’ve been in love for a long time, and I swear I only love him more with each passing day.

But now, back to the original intention of this post . . . friends.

I once read an article last year that said we have friends in our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Once you think about it for a minute, it’s meaning makes sense. I believe that people are put in our lives, and walk out as part of God’s plan for us. I adore my lifetime friends. I have known some incredible people for years, and that includes Dan. I’m not exactly made of steel, so when the going gets tough I know I can count on these people to be there for me.

What is more interesting to me is the friends that are here for a reason or a season. When I moved to Chicago I was alone in a huge city with a horrible sense of direction and the stress of law school. What a crazy but liberating experience. I have met some incredible people while being here though. Some I still talk to and see on at least a semi-regular basis, and others who have managed to slowly float out of my life. But I’m thankful they were there when they were. They were there during a particular event in my life or they were there when there was no one else. Or they were there during a time when I was growing up some more; becoming more of the person I am today. In short, they were there for a reason or season. I’m grateful for that. People float in and out of lives all the time. That’s the way life works. But I am so grateful to every person I’ve met in my life, and that includes those that I still have the pleasure of speaking to and those that I don’t talk to at all anymore. They have helped shape me into who I am today, and I have a lot of great memories from those that have left their mark on my heart. I also have painful memories from moments in my life: heartbreak, failure, rejection, loss. But there were always people there during those moments in my life. And I’m learning to embrace all that life throws my way.

I’m about to start my second-year of law school after a few events this summer that were just downright disappointing. That’s life, right? We all fail sometimes..  But on the other side of it all, I’m looking forward to the new people I’m going to meet and get back into the swing of things again even though I have a very heavy course load this semester. So, to the new friends I’m going to meet this year, either for a reason, or a season, or a lifetime thanks for being there when I most needed you; and to those that are  still in my life: I am grateful for you everyday. Cheers.


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