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It’s the feeling you never really get used to


Merriam-Webster defines disappointment as the failure to meet the expectation or hope of.

I define it as soul-crushing and devastatingly painful.

It’s that feeling that can take weeks to shake off, and it can be absolutely depressing if not nurtured correctly. And yet, we all experience this feeling at one point or another in our lives. It’s inevitable. You are so sure you have this in the bag, and then all of a sudden: disappointment. I can be overly dramatic, but I swear the walls seem to crumble around me when I’m disappointed. It’s the worst when you’ve exerted the energy of twenty 1500 lb. horses trying to pull thirty 5 ton cars. It’s even worse when everyone is cheering you on, and then you stumble over your feet right before crossing the finishing line.

But its not only our successes that define us. Our failures and  disappointments shape us in ways success alone cannot do. Disappointment does not mean you can’t do the objective at hand, however. It is but a stumbling block in an imperfect world. These horrible periods in life thicken our skin, give us a reason to fight, and reignite desires. If no one ever got up after they fell our world would be broken. There would be no medicine, or surgery, and many occupations would cease to exist. Humans make mistakes everyday. That is a part of being human.

So, how do I cope with disappointment? Well, first, I get up. Sometimes with bloody knees and bruised elbows, but mostly a bruised ego. Then, I talk. It has been my coping mechanism since I can remember. I will talk to anyone who will listen. But, my mom is my favorite person to talk to. And by golly, it helps me get over it. Life won’t stop. It’s how you handle disappointment, not disappointment in and of itself.

Get up, and try, try again.


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