Wedding Season

I’m married!

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I’m married! Our day was everything I’d hoped it would be. It was full of laughter, love and now I’ll have the pictures and memories to remind me of the start of our lives together. You can meander over to the married bio for vendor reviews: We had gorgeous weather, and everything went off without a hitch. We’ll have to renew our vows in the future so I can wear my wedding gown again; I loved that thing. There were many highlights to the wedding weekend. The first, of course, was spending the day before with my mom, bridesmaids and maid of honor. Wine, pashminas, friends, music and great conversation make for an absolutely fantastic time. Wendy’s also got thrown in the mix. “She’s getting married tomorrow!!!” haha. I love my friends. I also got to spend precious, precious moments with my mom, which made my heart burst with happiness. Her little girl is all grown up.

The other moment would have to be Dan and I’s first look. I was so excited for him to see me, and he looked so handsome in his suit. When he saw me in my wedding dress, the tender look on his face….there are just no words for that. Dan is not mushy, he doesn’t like to dance, and he’s probably the most laid back person I know, so when he told me I looked beautiful and danced with me during our first dance; I just about melted into a puddle. I just adore him. I’m so honored to be his wife.

The other moment would have to be when I walked down the aisle with my mom. As soon as I turned the corner and saw all of my wonderful friends and family turn and watch me walk down that’s when I started to cry. When everyone turned to look at me just took my breath away, and I  think the whole moment came to fruition right then and there. Oh man. Luckily, I pulled myself together halfway through. Then of course, the tender moment when my mom gave me away, and Cheryl’s heart-felt ceremony. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I have some incredible people in my life. Friends and family, thank you for your never-ending love.

I just wish I had had more time to soak in the wonderful weekend. I literately hopped on a plane the next morning back to Chicago because our impeccable planning placed the wedding right in the middle of my second semester of law school. I left without my new husband. It was hard, but Dan was offered a spiffy new job here in Chicago so I knew he was moving up here soon. In fact, he’s moving up here next Saturday! God works in mysterious ways. It all happened so perfectly. My life will be complete here in the wonderful city of Chicago. And what about little Regers of our own? Not for awhile my friends. My career goals are in high gear, Dan may want to tackle graduate school (I suppose it’s his turn, haha) and kids can wait a few years :)

I’m currently enjoying my first day of Spring Break. I just finished one of the bigger assignments of my law school career: the appellate brief. Oh it was fun. I must have read around 40 cases, cited 21 cases and wrote 20 pages of carefully crafted sentences. The topic? unreasonable search of an iPhone 4 under the Fourth Amendment. Incredibly interesting topic. I worked my butt off on this assignment, so hopefully my professor will see that. Next up: the oral argument! Cheers!


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