Law School · Wedding Season

It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

Well, it’s been 6 months since I’ve written in this blog. I feel so bad for neglecting it, but life has sort of taken over any free time I had before I went to law school.

I completed my first semester of law school, enjoyed a month long break in Florida with family and friends, and now I’m about a month into the new semester. I’m a mere 3 months away from completing my first year. Isn’t that crazy? I’ll finally be a 2L. It took two years to think about this huge decision, another year of planning, and 1,200 miles of driving. Like I said, life just kind of….happened. It’s funny though, I’m busier this semester (with a legal internship that I luckily nabbed over Christmas break and volunteering at the Circuit Court of Cook County), but I feel like I have a better handle on the stress that’s so much a part of law school. Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when I literately feel like I can’t breathe, but when I just put one foot in front of the other I learn it. It’s such a fulfilling feeling to be up against something bigger than yourself, and then conquer it one step at a time. That’s the part of life I live for.  I’m very fortunate to be happy with my first semester grades, so I’m taking that as an indication that this is where I’m supposed to be. It feels good.

To switch gears: I’m getting married in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! Yeah, I almost swallowed the gum I was chewing when I realized that the wedding is staring me in the face. My mom asked me last week if I was getting nervous. I thought about that for a while, and then I thought about the incredible relationship that Dan and I have. While we have had to do long distance for the last 6 months; he has been nothing but wholly supportive in this incredible endeavor that I’ve undertaken…without him.  The long distance will end in a few months though, and I cannot wait to have him here with me. I feel like our lives together can finally start. It’s perfect timing, really. It’ll make those nights when I’m completely spazzing out over the structure of  a legal memo less daunting.  So, no, I’m not nervous at all. In fact, I have never been more sure and more excited about anything in my life.  I can’t promise that I won’t cry at the wedding when we exchange vows.

But, a marriage isn’t about the wedding. It’s not about the flowers, or the food, or whether you should get a strapless or backless dress. It’s about the love between the bride and groom. I’ll watch “Rich Bride, Poor Bride” or “Bridezillas” for entertainment, but I think a lot of women get wrapped up in the “idea” of a wedding. They forget what this whole celebration is really about. They rush into a marriage without a solid foundation or understanding of each other. Then they wonder why in 3 or 4 years (sometimes less) why their fairy tale wedding ended in divorce court.  I watched my parents’ love dissolve into divorce.  While I’m forever thankful that they are on good terms, and there was never a mess of deciding who got my brother and I; it’s still sad to me. I’m old enough to understand the extenuating circumstances that led to their divorce, and I’m so happy that they are happy in their new relationships. But, I just don’t see what the big rush is. It’s so much better to really, really know each other before taking the plummet. It’s one of the biggest decisions an individual will ever make.

Although I feel like law school was a huge, life-altering decision too. And it was. But I spent a long time researching and thinking about this decision. Why did I want to go to law school? Why was it interesting to me? I made sure to know exactly what I was getting into (the good and the bad), and it has made this experience so much better. And it is just as challenging as they say it is. I love this experience though, and I LOVE CHICAGO.

Seriously, there is no city like Chicago. I have met some incredible people here who I’m honored to call my friends. My classmates are nice and always willing to help each other out. I couldn’t have asked to end up in a better area. Chicago is alive all the time. This city is so rich in culture and history. Not to mention, as a native Floridian, I enjoy the change of seasons. I feel that I’m taking to the harsh winters here rather well considering. Someone asked me if I missed Florida the other day, and every interview I’ve had they all ask me, “Why Chicago?” There are lots of reasons why I picked Chicago. For one, I wanted a better chance at bigger opportunities, and I wanted to live somewhere exciting.  No matter how  you slice it, I had to get out of Tampa. I will say that Orlando was 3,000 times better than Tampa.  But, I don’t think I will ever move back to Florida. It’s nice to know I can always visit my awesome friends and family though, and Florida will always been a part of me in the respect.


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