Law School · Love · Wedding Season

Float on…

It’s amazing how time flies, eh? I’ve seemed to have neglected my beloved blog, but as I get closer to law  school I’ll have more free time, and then BAM! I’ll be sucked into this wide world of law school with no free time again. But that’s okay. I feel 100% ready and committed to this decision. Until then, I plan to diligently write in my blog, or at least as much as I can, even when I’m in school. It’s a nice outlet.

I haven’t fully committed to a school yet, but I’m 99.8% sure we’re going to be in Chicago come August. I’ll make a separate post announcing which school and so on. There are no words to express how excited I am. I was born in Jacksonville, FL then moved to Pittsburg, PA, and moved back to Melbourne, FL. I’ve lived in several parts of Florida and I can truly say that I’m very ready to live in a new part of the world.  I’ve made some amazing friends here. Friends that I would do anything for, and we’ll all keep in touch. That’s a given.  But, it’s time to spread my wings. Tampa is suffocating me.

There’s still a lot to figure out as far as moving goes, but I know things will work out. It’s just a matter of taking it one day at a time. It’s tough working two jobs, planning a wedding, preparing for law school, hanging out with friends and family and most importantly spending time with my fiance. But somehow, I’m making it work. Thankfully, at the end of the month I’ll be able to walk away from one of my jobs and tunnel my focus on wrapping up wedding things and securing a smooth transition into school. I plan on enjoying the summer as much as I can, reading, and do what I’ve missed out on a lot this year: have fun with the people I love the most. I’ve worked hard for almost two years saving up money for school, and I’m very happy to say that my hard work has paid off.

Wedding planning is wrapping up nicely. All of my major vendors are booked, and I’m just working on tying up loose ends like: ordering our guestbook, picking out linens, finding favor boxes, creating a DIY card box, and finding our wedding bands. At least all those are pretty stress free. I even have our music list pretty much done! It consists of indie, old-time rock classics, 90’s and fun dance songs. I’m even considering getting some of our closest friends together for a choreographed dance, but not so sure about that one just yet.

I’ve had an exciting past two days. I won a boudoir shoot with Liz Curtan of Boudoir Bombshell, and it was quite possibly the best experience I’ve ever had. She was sweet and fun. Today, I had my first EVER make-up trial with Meghann Davis. She used airbrush on me and I fell in love. She was so genuine and charismatic. I could tell she absolutely loved her job. That’s what made it so fun. Nothing is fun unless you absolutely have a passion for it.

While I was getting my make-up done I was explaining to Meghann that Dan and I are high school sweethearts (she’s college sweethearts with her husband). I told her that I wouldn’t trade what we have for the world. Because we started dating when we were so young we’ve grown up together, we’ve grown into each other and battled each step together. We are who we are TOGETHER.  We laugh at each other’s sense of humor, play video games and respect each other’s space and likes/dislikes. It’s a truly wonderful feeling. We”ll be together for 6 years in July, and we only get better with time.

Enough with the mushy stuff. I just found out that my little brother is going to be a UCF Knight in the Fall to major in Computer Science. I’m so freaking proud of him. His girlfriend is also going, and I immediately thought of Dan and I. They’ve also dated since high school. Awwwww.

Other than that, I’m excited for the future. Thanks to journalism I have a knack for research. Everything that I know about law school and wedding planning has come from 2 years of research. Literatly. I like where I’m at.

Also, Ke$ha’s music is so much fun ;)


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