Law School · Wedding Season

I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday

It’s nearing the deadline for a firm law school commitment, and I’m excited beyond belief. I’ve already put down a deposit at a great school, but I’m riding out the waitlists at two schools to see if there might be any movement before June 15th. I’m not holding my breath, but you never know! The waiting has been excruciating though. I’m not generally a patient person so waiting has seriously taken me for a loop. It’s not just waiting for decisions either. I’ve had to wait for e-mails to come back, I’ve had to wait to see what happens with my deferments (which are equivalent to waitlists except better) and it has all been really hard to deal with. For example, I’m in the middle of potentially negotiating higher aid money with the school I’m 90% sure I will be attending in the Fall, and it took them an entire week just to e-mail me to tell me the director of admissions is reviewing my e-mail. This is nerve-racking. When I sent the original e-mail I typed out all the aid money I had received from other schools in an attempt to get some leverage, but loosely put all the money I received  under “scholarships”. In an effort to clarify and avoid any mistakes or questioning  I sent another e-mail clarifying that some of the aid money I got was grants and some were scholarships (jut to be sure). When they e-mailed me to tell me my e-mail was “under review” with the director of admissions I immediately thought, “well, I hope they forwarded her my other e-mail with my clarifications.” So, I sent a THIRD e-mail to her SPECIFICALLY making sure she got my second e-mail. Talk about completely loosing my mind!! See what this process has done to me? I’m trying so hard to successfully negotiate money truthfully and politely.  She probably didn’t even think much of it, but here I am, worrying my ass off about stupid things and stupid mistakes. It’s better to be safe then sorry though: I read an article on Michigan’s website about a student that blatantly lied about receiving any kind of money at all at one school he listed when trying to negotiate money with the school of his choice. HE BLATANTLY LIED. Who the hell would do that? I could never just flat out lie about receiving money. I guess he put down he received $20,000/yr. in aid money, the financial aid office thought the number was weird based on money the school has handed out in recent years, contacted the financial aid office at that school and found out he in fact did not receive any kind of money at all. How insane is that? Needless to say he was reported to LSAC for misconduct and probably will never be able to attend law school. Ever. I guess that story just got me worrying even though I’d never do something like that. Anyway, it will probably be another week before I hear anything back about my success or failure with negotiating money, but we’ll see. Waiting is evil!

I’m just so stressed out about the process and financial aid. It really has been tough, but I’m very excited about law school. I’m ready to start this new chapter in my life, and I’ll conquer each obstacle as it comes.

In others news…I went to a bridal show a week ago and won a free boudoir session. I was really excited, and I’m looking forward to doing the shoot with this phenomenal photographer named Liz at Woo! Wedding planning is wrapping up slowly. I still need linens, my dress, our wedding bands, finalize bachelorette and bridal shower events, and to finish the invitations, but for the most part I’m done.


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