Journalism · Law School · Wedding Season

Have a little faith in me

I’ll admit. When I graduated from UCF and moved to Tampa, FL I was scared  out of my mind. I had a bachelor’s degree in journalism/minor in Spanish, a wonderful boyfriend who loved me, and no job.  I was excited to start this new chapter in my life despite having no job. What made me even more nervous though was the fact that Tampa had the highest unemployment rate in Florida.

Upon my arrival with my now fiance, we moved into a cute 1-bedroom apartment and I began my long and grueling job search. I had planned on law school the summer of my junior year in college and had a list of goals to attain that dream. I wanted to work for a year or so with no school so I could save money. I’ve worked since I was 15 while in school and out of school so it was weird not to be working at that moment. I was unlucky in my search for journalism, marketing and PR jobs. There was just nothing in Tampa. I felt defeated and depressed that I had worked so hard for a degree that would ultimately get me nothing. But, now I know that just isn’t true. What I learned in journalism was how to write and communicate effectively and simply. I was told over and over again that journalism was the perfect degree for a smooth transition into law school.The journalism industry has been pummeled by the recession so it was probably for the best that I was unsuccessful in that area.

I was lucky to finally find a job, two in fact, where I would be just fine working at. It was here that I met and am now very close to some of the best friends I’ve had. I miss my Orlando friends so much, and thankfully, I still see them as much as time allows. I’m just thankful to have great friends here as well.

But anyway, I took the LSAT a total of 3 times: once in December 08, another in September 09 and lastly, in December 09. It took everything I had not to give up. But I finally improved my score by a whopping 6 points from the second and last time I took the test. I’ll never know what I received the first time I took the test because I canceled my score, but I’m willing to bet money I improved by nearly 10-12 points.

I guess I’ve grown to like Tampa somewhat, but it’s not an ideal “career” place for young professionals. My fiance has a wonderful job here as an actuary, but we have big dreams. I guess I miss the social aspect of Orlando: all my friends, and worrying about nothing except school. I luckily didn’t even need to worry about money because of scholarships and working a part-time job while at UCF.

Now, here I am: staring law school in the face and planning a Feb. 2011 wedding to marry the love of my life. It’s pretty exciting and it goes to show that if you get up after you fall you can obtain far more than you would have ever hoped. I’m looking forward to the future with poise knowing I have great family and friends to be there if I just happen to fall again.


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