Law School · Wedding Season

Come on mr. mailman: bring me good news!

Well, it’s official: I’m going to law school in August/September 2010!

My cycle is far from complete, but I’ve been accepted to 3 schools, waitlisted at 1 and rejected at 1. I still have about 17 more schools to hear back from and  the wait is killing me. I was offered a full tuition scholarship for all 3 years at one school so it’s very tempting at this stage in the game; however, I want to hear back from most, if not all, schools by the time I make a final decision at the end of March.  I’m probably going to withdraw from 2 of the schools I received acceptances from so far. It’s been such a crazy ride, but it’s fun to get decision letters back. I was personally called by the assistant director of admissions at one school who said some great things about my file. It was truly amazing to hear that since I have worked so hard on putting my best foot forward.

Other than the above news, wedding planning is going well. We booked the  ceremony and reception site, and I’m in the process of booking my photographers next week. I’m thrilled to be so far along in the planning. All that’s left is to book a hair appointment, meet and sign contract with my officiant, hire florist, create wedding invites and buy my dress and tux for Dan. Not too bad for being 13 months out still.

Dan bought me Cirque du soleil tickets for my birthday so I will be enjoying that with him this weekend. It was such a sweet present from him :) And, our Chicago trip is right around the corner now! I can’t believe it. We leave in 3 weeks to spend 9 glorious days in Chicago. I’m really looking forward to it. Now, all I need to do is start going to the gym again to relieve some stress, finish financial aid paperwork and take a deep breath….


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