Law School · Retail Career

Nearing the end

I’ll be able to come up for air after tomorrow’s LSAT. I’ve still been working a lot because of the holidays so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to update or so anything else for that matter. I’ve done very light studying this week, and it’s probably for the better. I’ve been studying for a long time so if I don’t know it by now I’m not sure an extra week is really going to do anything.

After the test I plan to fully immerse myself in sending out the rest of my law school applications and wedding planning. I’ve sent one application already, but I won’t get anything back from them until my new LSAT score is posted. Thankfully, I have all my letters of recommendation in, transcripts are in and all primary applications are filled out. I have several personal statements written. I’ll just need to tweak them a little for each school depending on what they ask for. I think I’m going to apply to a total of 15-20 schools.

As far as the LSAT goes. I’m not that nervous. In fact, I slept beautifully last night. Normally, I can’t sleep worth a damn the day or so before a a huge test like this, but I had no trouble falling asleep last night. That’s a good sign.  I also haven’t spoken about the test or have spoken to anyone about the test at all except initially. I probably won’t talk about it with anyone after the test either. I prefer to just put it in God’s hands. Worrying about it will do nothing but destroy the holiday season for me.  I’m surprisingly calm and hope it stays long after the test is over. My mindset is finally where it should be. Just. Need. To. Focus.

Dan and I are booking tickets next week to go to Chicago! I’m so excited. We’re going to visit a mutual friend of ours who got a job out there about a year ago.  I also hope to check out a few law schools out there too. You never know. We’re going for a week in February so that’ll be something to look forward to in addition to the Owl City concert at the beginning of Feb.

In other news,  I officially got promoted at work. How cool! It’ll be nice to earn some more money plus I finally get to reap all the benefits that go along with the new title.

As the year winds down, and the law school process comes to an end, the big world of wedding planning will finally be at my fingertips. I have a lot started, but it’s going to be so cool to get all of it in motion.

I plan to have all my apps. out no later than January first, and I’ll be sure to let the blogging community know how my cycle goes.  I think it’s going to be pretty unpredictable!

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