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So far, so good.

I’ve been sticking to my study plan pretty rigidly since I started LSAT studying again a couple weeks ago. I’ve mainly been reading through the Powerscore Bibles again, but at a faster pace as I’m just trying to review the concepts.

I’ve taken three full-length practice tests and again my scores have been all over the place. On one I improved by 3 points, the second I fell by 1 point, the third I improved by a whopping 11 points (but I felt that PT was much easier than the prior ones, especially the reading comp and I didn’t strictly time myself the entire way.) The first two are probably more indicative of where I’m at, at the moment but at least the third shows me what I’m capable of.  If I can just improve by 6-7 points I’d be able to live with that. It’s not going to be an out-of-this-world score, but I’ll be perfectly content with it.

I spoke to an old friend last night on the phone and she gave me some pointers and how she prepared for the LSAT. Since I work a good 45-60 hours a week studying is tough. She said I should try doing more drills instead of full-length tests. I  think that would help immensely. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do plan to take a few more full-length tests, but to be able to concentrate on one section at a time should help. I’ll probably drill LR one week, LG and RC the second and then just do full-lengthers and RC the third week. Mind you, this will put me at the week before my actual test. I’m trying everything I possibly can to get myself to where I know I’m capable of getting to. A month and a half isn’t a long time to study for the LSAT, but I did so much prep before that it hasn’t been too bad. Even if I’m working a lot.

There’s going to be about a 90% chance my fiance and I will have to do long distance my first semester or first year of law school. That is going to put so much weight on me, but we’ve done it before and I know in the end we’ll be together so it shouldn’t be so bad. Besides, I know law school is going to eat me up my first year. I will miss him though, so I’m hoping things work out in our favor. We are getting married February 2011 so at least I’ll have that to look forward to.

In other news, I called my bank this morning because I got this random $50 deposited into my account and I had no idea why. The girl said it could have been an incentive or that they owed me money. Wow, free money!


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