Law School

Still waiting Pt. 2

LSAT scores are supposed to be released today around 5pm, or at least that’s what the consensus is. It sucks waiting. I’m already pre-registered for the December LSAT if for some reason I hate my score. I didn’t want to for fear of doubting myself but seats are filling fast. Like I said, I’m probably in the range of 153-160. I hope by the grace of God it’s the latter.

What a horrible last few weeks.

If I have to re-take, Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be no fun this year. Regardless, I should be done with the whole law school process at the very beginning of January (if I re-take).

I’m going to Orlando tonight for a DJ Tiesto concert with my family and the zoo tomorrow with Dan. I won’t be around my computer much so chances of seeing my score today (if they come out) are fairly low. Great.


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