Law School

I can’t take this anymore

I am so completely stressed out about getting my LSAT score that it’s affecting my sleeping habits, eating habits and all other functions. I literately can’t sleep because I’m just wallowing in self-doubt. I felt decently calm after the test but now that it’s been a few days I just keep thinking about it. I will be so pissed off if I have to re-take in December, but at least I have that option. However, I try to keep telling myself, “Jen, you did fine and so what if you had to guess on 5 questions per section…statistically you should get at least 4-5 of those right. Besides there is nothing you can do now.” Right. Now if I can just believe that little voice inside my head. I really feel as though I’m going to be anywhere between 150-160. I know for a fact I didn’t hit 170, but I feel okay about saying anywhere between 150-160. I’m naturally just not a strong test taker, and I studied months for this test. Oh boy.

I have to wait another 2 weeks for my score and then decide what I want to do. What a freaking nightmare.

Please Lord, give me a good score.


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