Law School

The Aftermath

Well, the LSAT is over. I’m going to make this short and sweet because God knows I can’t think about this blasted test anymore.

My overall feeling? I think it went okay. I’m super pissed that I wasn’t able to completely finish any of the sections. I was close, but no cigar. I guessed on average, about 5 per section, and they were all at the very end so I may have a shot at getting one or two right beings I bubbled in the same letter for each. The logic games were especially easy and I was thanking God for that one–the only tough one was the third for some reason (stupid if-than inferences).

The reading comprehension was on the harder side. My first section was RC. I remember having a tiny mental freak-out and had to read the first paragraph 3 times before I was comprehending what I was reading. For some reason my mind was having trouble adjusting to the length of RC and  this is usually my strongest area.  I feel like that was my weakest area on this one. Logic reasoning wasn’t especially hard, but it wasn’t easy either. Kind of in the middle. I have a feeling the curve on the test is going to be brutal though. It will probably be -9 or -10 for a 170. I just want a 160.

I’m praying and hoping I won’t need to re-take this test. I feel like I did well enough not to have to so I’ll be dying until I get my score. It’s stressed that you apply as early as possible and if I have to retake in December it will suck because I’ll be applying a good month and a half later than I wanted to but it’s there if I need to.  I feel more nervous about the test now than I did before, and not to mention I feel a huge hole in my life without LSAT studying.

I’m glad to close this chapter of my life because it was agonizing to study for, and here’s hoping I never have to open another LSAT book again.


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