Law School

I have an idea!

I feel as though I have a pretty solid idea for my law school personal statement. I was going to write about how my undergraduate career wasn’t your typical, uplifting experience, but I decided against it for fear of making my beloved UCF sound bad (which is not what I intended to do). I just wanted a topic that depicted how I’ve grown up, and what the pivotal moment in my life was that I decided on law school.

So…that brought me to writing my PS on my Public Affairs Reporting class. Now, I won’t go into detail on here. But that was the class that really turned me on to law (I had covered a court case, and did a ton of additional research on it afterward). I also put my life on the line, quite literately, to gather information for a group project. The class is one of those where everyone dreads to take it their last semester because there’s so much work involved, stories to write, etc. But, it turned out to not be so bad, and I learned a lot.

The main reason law interests me so much is the research. If you locked me in a library with books and computers I’d immerse myself in research. My favorite thing to do is follow criminal cases. I’m currently trying to follow the Meredith Kercher case, which is the case involving a 21 year-old girl who was stabbed in the throat in Perugia, Italy. The verdict should be in on the two defendants in late October (one being her roomate and the other the roomate’s boyfriend). I just LOVE examining the evidence, hearing their sides of the story. It’s all very fascniating, which is why I really wanted to do criminal law. But, intellectual property really ties into my journalism degree, and I have a special place in my heart for copyright and patent law. We’ll see.


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