Law School

and so it begins

I can’t believe I’ve started to brainstorm ideas for my law school personal statement. I thought this day would never come. I don’t know how much work I’m going to be able to do on it today, but I hope to have a decently strong rough draft in the next few weeks. After that, I plan to do some heavy editing. I know this is the part of the application that I have the mot control of. Writing is my strongest attribute, so I have to make sure I make that known. I was thinking of sending it to a few of my journalism buddies for editing as well. It has to be nearly flawless so a few extra pairs of eyes will always help in this case.

Once I get an idea, the process shouldn’t be too excruciating, but from the the research I’ve done it can take a little while to develop a compelling idea that is smooth the entire way through. I’ll be relying on my journalism skills for this and lots of editing and re-working of sentences.

I’m a month and a half away from the LSAT. How do I feel? Nervous as all hell still. Even with all the studying I’ve done I’ll probably remain nervous up until after the test. I’ve taken over 13 practice tests, mostly in un-timed sections to concentrate on each part separately. I average between a 159-165. I realize the older tests seem to be easier because the curve is more forgiving, but I should be getting another pack of newer tests shortly. Those are the ones I will rigidly time myself with these last few weeks. I miss an average of 1-7 on each section. The most I’ve EVER missed on a section is 11, but I’ve been able to get that down now which is good. I feel like my missed questions are not consistent, but my scores do stay in the 160 range. That’s where I really want to be come test day. The time constraint just scares the crap out of me, but I’m so familiar with the material now that I’m feeling better about it.

It doesn’t help that I work a lot, and I just feel so sleep deprived. I try to cram in errands and studying in a mere 3 hours sometimes before work and it never works.

I am excited to narrow down my law school choices and get my applications together. It’s going to be such a relief to have all my applications sent out. All I have to do now is do as well as I can on the LSAT.


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