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It’s raining again…

I slept in way too late. I was hoping to wake up early, hit the gym and then have a nice, solid few hours to study before work. Things didn’t go as planned. I ended up sleeping until noon. I’ve been exhausted these last few days though so maybe it was a good thing I slept in. I feel refreshed now.

The last thing I want to do right now though is study for the LSAT. I have to work in 2 hours, but I should at least finish up practice test 13.

To change the subject: I was reminiscing about my last year of college this morning, and I remember how terrified I was to graduate more so because I didn’t have a job lined up. But, I wasn’t the only one. Now, I’ll get to look back on graduation when I’m 70 years old and remember how I graduated during an economic recession. Not as bad as a depression, but I don’t think I knew ANYONE that had a job before they graduated. In my field anyway.

Well, luckily, I did find a job. Even if it’s not in my field of study right now, but that’s OK. I like the people I work with and I can save some money too which is always nice. Journalism just about sucked my energy dry. I can’t tell you how many times I had a panic attack because I’d get shunned from sources or sources wouldn’t call me back. The deadlines for my school articles felt unreal to me because I worked part-time, interned and was taking 3 other classes on top of reporting. When I got to write on my own time during the summer…it wasn’t so bad. But then there was a professor (and sometimes two professors and not to mention a copywriter at one of my internships) who made my life hell. I was told, “well, if you can do this then you certainly won’t be able to do that,” or “I don’t think you can handle this.” That’s really damaging to a 19-20 year old girl trying to make it through college. I love to write, and I loved certain aspects of journalism; like meetings new people and learning something new everyday, but I want to be so interested in my field that I get lost in it. And I did make it by the way. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA.

I wouldn’t say the field of journalism is dying, but I wouldn’t say it’s doing great right now or will get any better. The medium in which we receive our news is changing. Once that change is complete, there won’t be the need for as many journalists and there certainly won’t be very many companies to work for after this recession. I know two people who are working full-time at a magazine or newspaper. TWO!

That’s OK. They can have it. I guess my point is: everything happens for a reason. I’m interested in law way more than journalism. The hard work ethic and study habits will still be there when I return to school next year so I’m looking forward to the incredible experience and journey school will take me on.

I just hope I actually do well enough on the LSAT to make all of this a reality. I feel confident enough though. Four times as prepared as I was 4 months ago. That’s a good thing.


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